SPIDER is an advanced optimization tool to maximize fleet resource utilization and efficiency. SPIDER can optimize large cases with thousands of orders allocated to large fleets of hundreds of vehicles. SPIDER handles distribution and collection on the same trip. SPIDER can also optimize plans and routes for field services and homecare.

Basic functionality:

  • Address cleaning and feedback on incomplete data.
  • Realistic vehicle speed models, including rush hour
  • Realistic service time models for loading and unloading
  • Specific constraints, e.g. an order must be delivered with a small vehicle
  • Time windows, and soft time window functionality
  • Working time and breaks
  • Several trips per shift and multiple shifts per vehicle
  • Different service times, e.g. unloading time for specific vehicle groups

You can adjust parameters to fine tune your plan, e.g. see the consequences of reducing service time by 5%.


SPIDER uses advanced algorithms that find the cheapest and best solution taking all restrictions into account. (Time window, driving times, service times, capacity, constraints, etc). Read more about our world records.


SPIDER is intuitive and user-friendly. The plans are visualized in maps, tables, and provide an overview and control on large and complex cases.

Fixed routes or daily planning?

You can use SPIDER to build efficient fixed routes and re-plan regularly. You can also use SPIDER in daily operational planning making new plans every day based on your order quantities.


The basic data can easily be imported via Excel or integrated automatically via SPIDER WEB Service API to your order system (TMS/ERP system).